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Brand Sundyne Gear Driven API610

The LMV/BMP-331 is a gear driven centrifugal pump. 
- Flows to 400 gpm (91 m?/hr) 
- Heads to 6,300 ft (1,921 m) 
The LMV/BMP-331 is engineered for heavy-duty service in the HPI, CPI, Gas, and Specialty Processing industries.

Features & Benefits

Feature                                                                   Benefit
API 610 gear driven design                                Equivalent multistage flows in a compact package  
Simple single-stage design                                Easy maintenance  
Hydraulics matched to your flow requirements      Maximum efficiency  
Broad metallurgy options                                   Greatly expanded service applications  
Industry leading inducers                                   Superior NPSHR


-Flows To 400gpm (91m?/hr)  
-Heads To 6300ft (1921m)  
-Max Power 350hp (250kw)  
-Temp Range -200 to 650?F (-130 to 340?C)  
-Available Flanges 600# ANSI RF, 900# optional  
-Pump Case Corrosion Allowance 0.125"  
-Suction & Discharge Size 3" X 2"  
-Displacement per Revolution N/A  
-Number of Stages 1  
-Max Case Working Pressure 2,160psi (155kg/cm?)  
-Max Suction Pressure 1,000psi (71kg/cm?)  
-Differential Head To TO 1,800 FT.  
-HP Dependent on Diff. Head 250  
-Standard Delivery 8 Weeks  
-Speed Range 10,000 - 20,000  
-Bearing Materials Available Ball Bearings, Journal Bearings  
-Hydrotest Pressure 3,240psi (225kg/cm?)  
-Max Viscosity 700 CP  
-Typical Applications Boiler Feed, NOx Suppression, Charge & Reflux, Hot Condensate, Pipeline Boost, Reactor Feed, Transfer, Urea Processing  
-Industries Refining, Natural Gas, Chemical, Petrochemical  
-Industry Standard  API-610  
-Solids Range 0.015in (0.381mm)  
-Motor Details N/A  
-Mounting Configurations Vertical / Horizontal  
-Dimensional Standards N/A  
-Number of Available Hydraulics 1  
-Seal Configurations Available Single, Double, Tandem  
-Available Inducer Yes  
-API Plans for Sundyne Pumps 11, 12, 13, 21, 23, 31, 32, 41, 52, 53, 54, 61, 62, J  
-Seal Plans for Sunflo Pumps N/A

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